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Training Programs

Currently, we offer two online trainings that help owners, operators, and interested drivers enhance their economic, environmental, and energy efficiency by increasing awareness and promoting specific driving techniques.

Be Idle-Free

Rush Hour Traffic

This is a 40-minute course about idle-free driving.  Throughout the course, a leading expert describes the health impacts of idling, engine manufactures share information about engine wear and tear, fuel consumption, and economic reasons for idle-free driving, and fellow drivers discuss their reasons for going idle-free.   Drivers will learn when it is alright to idle and when it is best to shut an engine down.  At the conclusion of the training, drivers will have the option to take an idle-free pledge, which can be printed out and displayed for customers to see.

Eco-driving 101

This is a 60-minute course geared at training drivers on the basics of eco-driving.  The course will explain the science behind eco-driving and will teach drivers how to employ eco-driving techniques in their regular driving routines.  Research shows that individuals who adopt eco-driving techniques commonly increase their fuel efficiency between 20-30%.  These techniques can also help reduce accident rates and improve passenger safety. This course is scheduled for release in August 2012.  

Course fees

Cost for both courses: $29.00

Courses cost a flat fee of $29.00 per user, which grants drivers access to either one, or both, of the online training programs. If, after participating in one or both of our courses, an owner or operator decides to apply for eRating certification, the course fees will be applied toward the cost of certification.  To take advantage of this opportunity, the owner or operator must apply for certification within 12 months of taking a course.

Owners who put their operators through the trainings will receive a complimentary certification for one qualifying vehicle per driver upon completion of the courses. For example, if a company puts 10 drivers through the trainings, they will receive 10 complimentary vehicle certifications allowing for 10 qualifying vehicles in their fleet to become certified.