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Owners, and operators of certified vehicles receive access to an array of driver education and consumer awareness and marketing tools.

Transportation Company Education

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If you are the owner or operator of a passenger transportation vehicle or company, you know that fuel costs and fuel consumption are big expenses.  You might not know that driver habits and behavior can have a large impact on fuel economy; some studies claim up to 45%. 

CST offers educational programs that give owners and operators access to:

  • Online driver trainings designed to help save fuel and save money,
  • One-on-one guidance for companies to develop environmental best practices, and
  • Our ever evolving and expanding website full of resources about sustainable transportation.

Online driver trainings are at the core of our educational program.  These trainings help owners and operators enhance their economic, environmental, and energy efficiency. Research shows that the techniques shared in our driving training courses can substantially improve fuel economy, reduce fuel consumption, and increase passenger safety.  Our Be Idle-Free and Eco-Driving 101 courses can help you save you money by increasing driver awareness and promoting specific driving techniques.