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Subway Passengers

The Certification for Sustainable Transportation's (CST) eRating vehicle certification and driver training programs can help passengers identify and learn about sustainable transportation choices. 

When passengers see an eRating label displayed on a vehicle, they can feel confident that vehicle has gone through a rigorous, research-based review.  Passengers can also participate in our educational programming to learn how to operate their own vehicles more sustainably.

There are several ways that passengers can get involved with the CST:

  • Enroll in our driver training programs to save fuel and increase the efficiency of your own vehicle(s)
  • Show your support for sustainable transportation options by patronizing transit agencies, transportation companies, and manufacturers that participate in the eRating certification program 
  • Encourage your local transportation providers to become involved with the CST and the eRating certification program 
  • Take our eQuiz to test your knowledge of sustainable transportation
  • Contact CST staff to provide feedback on certified vehicles in your community and help us to monitor and make improvements to the program

To learn more about the CST visit our About Us page.   If you have any questions or concerns about the CST please don’t hesitate to contact us.