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Passenger Education

Did you know that over 25% of CO2 emissions in the United States come from transportation activities? Of these emissions, nearly 75% come from passenger transportation. We need to take action, both individually and collectively, to address concerns about:

  • Global climate change
  • Limited fossil fuels and energy efficiency
  • Negative impacts to regional and local air quality
  • Increased traffic accidents
  • Traffic congestion

Education is a key component of the CST because we want to help consumers and businesses learn about and find ways they can address these issues. 

Enroll in our driver training programs that can help you save money, save fuel, and choose the most energy efficiently and environmentally friendly ways to travel. We also encourage you to check out our resource page, learn more about our eRating vehicle certification and how to look for it, and explore the other sections of our website to get engaged and informed.