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CST seeks to not only improve the environment, but also to help owners, operators and manufacturers reduce costs, strengthen energy and environmental performance, and demonstrate to the public a commitment to sustainability.

Owners & Operators


The Certification for Sustainable Transportation's (CST) eRating vehicle certification and driver training programs can help you reduce costs, save energy, and promote your transportation company.

The "e" in "eRating" represents what the program is: an easy, economical way to promote environmentally friendly, energy efficient transportation options and education programs.

We evaluate vehicles with research-based criteria. Our straightforward application is easy to complete and each vehicle(s) application undergoes rigorous review.

Owners and operators with certified vehicles benefit through:

Sample Certification

  • Driver trainings designed to help companies and individuals reduce fuel and operating costs, and save energy
  • Certification labels for the sides of vehicles to help raise consumer awareness and demonstrate a commitment to sustainability
  • Turnkey (ready to use and easily customized) marketing tools designed to increase marketplace visibility
  • CST-led national and international marketing and outreach initiatives to complement and amplify local efforts
  • Ongoing technical support to help you with a range of services, such as finding better ways to reach your customers and improving environmental performance of your vehicles.

To learn more about CST and the eRating process, explore our website or contact us with any questions.