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The Certification for Sustainable Transportation's (CST) eRating vehicle certification and driver training programs can help manufacturers promote their most fuel efficient, lowest emission vehicles and enhance customer relations through a demonstrated commitment to sustainability.  

The CST eRating program uses a comprehensive set of criteria to award certification to an entire product line before the vehicles leave the factory.  CST provides labels for vehicles certified through the eRating certification program.  Additionally, participating manufacturers have the option to access a suite of marketing materials, as well as our education and outreach programs. 

If you are a manufacturer of bicycles, buses, cars, boats, planes, trains, or other forms of transportation and want to learn more about the eRating certification program, please contact us or review our program manual. CST staff will work with you directly to determine if your product meets the criteria for certification.  We will develop a strategic, customized plan for certification and promotion of your vehicles.  

eRating certification can help consumers recognize that your vehicles are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and economical.