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Did you know?

The CST’s rigorous standards, quality educational services and branded marketing materials make it the most unique and comprehensive energy efficiency, environmental, and economically-driven program of its kind.

What is it?

The Certification for Sustainable Transportation's (CST) eRating certification program is an independent, third party certification, education and labeling initiative for owners and operators, manufacturers, and passengers of transportation vehicles.  The program uses research-based criteria to evaluate vehicles.  The “e” in “eRating” represents what the program is: an easy, economical way to promote environmentally friendly, energy efficient transportation options and education programs.

Who benefits?

The program benefits owners, operators, and manufacturers of certified vehicles by helping them reduce vehicle operation costs, save energy, and promote their businesses.  The program also benefits consumers by helping them identify and choose the highest performing, lowest impact forms of transportation; whether displayed on a bus, boat, train, car, bicycle, or plane, an eRating certification label signifies that CST has thoroughly evaluated and certified the vehicle.